TRX Exercises For Performance

The TRX is one versatile piece of equipment. There are countless variations you can utilize to squat, hinge, push, pull, and rotate. Here are a few that you might not be as familiar with. Give them a go!

The Assessment Exercise: Overhead Squat

At first glance, you might say this exercise is not for you and move on. While the exercise might be a challenge for you, you should listen to what it is telling you. If you're feeling tension somewhere during this movement, that is an area you should focus on. Figure out what is causing that tension. Is it a lack of mobility? Is it a lack of stability? These are things you can correct to better your athletic base. Little improvements in movement quality and efficiency can make profound changes to your performance.

I especially love this exercise for swimming stability. Swimmers have to maintain a strong overhead position for much of their event. This exercise will teach scapular engagement that is valuable for swimming performance.

For the non-swimmer, try to implement these as part of your warm-up for squat work you're completing. I love adding these in before a front squat session. The range of motion focus is super valuable!

The Core Series: Mountain Climber & Spiderman

The TRX is a wildly efficient tool if you're looking for a deeper core engagement without having to think about it. Take the mountain climber variation for example. This one will take all of your focus to remain still and not swing from side to side. You'll feel your abdominals light up! The TRX mountain climber is probably my favorite core exercise.

With the spiderman variation, you're adding the benefit of hip flexor strength. This strength will transfer to your kick in the water or your sprint capability on land.

Pulling Power: Muscle Up

No. no. no. This is not your ring or bar muscle up that are all the fitness spectacle nowadays. This is a power row into a press out. I like this variation because in sport, there are plenty of times where you have to transition from a pull to a push in over the course of a movement. It also takes a coordinated effort to make this exercise look clean and effective. More coordination is never a bad thing!

Vertical Pulling: Pull Up Progressions

The TRX is a masterful tool for pull up progressions. It covers everything from beginner movements that teach proper body positioning, to advanced movements that provide even the most seasoned athlete a challenge. Here are two variations on either side of the spectrum. The straight leg variation is an awesome starting point if you have the goal of an unassisted pull up. The L-Sit variation is a great progression if you're looking for something more advanced. Talk about core engagement!

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