Do you have a specific goal you would like to achieve? Are you interested in a program that fits your individual needs, schedule, and equipment availability? Our 1:1 personalized program gives you all of this and more. With this option, you will access a custom built program that centers around your schedule, regular accountability check ins, and training reviews to track your progress.


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Tell us about yourself

The first step is for us to learn about your goals and commitment level. Fill out our performance questionnaire to start your training journey.


Complete the on-boarding assessment

After completing the performance questionnaire, you will be emailed steps to complete your on-boarding assessment. Look for an email from with your assessment steps.


Start training

The final step is to go through your introductory phone call and start training. This is where we review your assessment results, discuss your goals further, and kick off your first training cycle!


"Overall, I am really happy with the focused exercises throughout the workout. They all felt good, no pain, and I can feel my flexibility starting to come back!"

Tom S.

“After a month of doing your program, I feel tremendously better. I mean it really makes a difference, so I thank you very, very much!”

Susan B.

“Thanks for your help with this - I’m seeing the beginnings of results in the pool. For one, my pain between shoulder and neck has significantly reduced.”

Anthony C.

“Bo has been an indispensable part of my swimming program. He expertise has helped me with dryland training, which has helped prevent injury. It’s also made me a faster swimmer, and all-around more fit. He’s also a great guy, super enthusiastic, and a lot of fun to work with!”

Judy G.


Don’t worry! You will not be fumbling around with a stack of papers and unsure of how to proceed. Our programs are delivered on a clean and simple app platform that allows you to track performance, watch video demonstrations, and interact with coaches right on the app! You will be able to access your training at any time.