Episode 4-Dr. David Weiman

"In the natural world, diversity is much better than not."-David Weiman 

Dr. David Weiman is a wealth of knowledge. With a background in football, track, and martial arts, DW provides information on the psychology of goal-setting and success. Dr. David Weiman has led seminars for one of the worlds largest employers on these topics.

Get ready to enjoy plenty of laughs and an abundance of information. 


WEIMAN CONSULTING: http://www.weimanconsulting.com

3 DAYS TO SUCCESS: http://www.3daystosuccess.com


Jack Lalanne:


Zen in the Martial Arts-Joe Hymas 

4-Hour Work Week-Tim Ferriss

David and Goliath-Malcolm Gladwell

War-Sebastian Junger

Emotional Intelligence-Daniel Goleman

Learned Optimism-Martin Seligman

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