Episode 10-Ivan Black

"I've been told that I can keep a client on the verge of a smile and a grimace."-Ivan Black 

Strength (definition): Meeting the challenges of your daily life.

Episode #10 is all about your bodyweight! Tune in to this episode to hear the bodyweight mastermind, Ivan Black, drop some smooth wisdom! 

Hear Ivan talk about the importance of bodyweight/calisthenic training and how to unlock its full potential. 

Who is Ivan Black? 

Live in the Harrisburg, PA area or traveling through? Check out Ivan's facility Next Step Performance! 

Ivan's Goals for 37: 

Ivan's Go To Moves:

  • Squat to Hamstring Stretch 
  • Bridge 
  • Pistol Squat 

Ivan's Measures of Strength:

  • Pull Up
  • Plank 

Want to connect with Ivan?

Instagram: Next Step Performance

Facebook: Next Step Performance

YouTube: Ivan Black Fitness 

YouTube: Next Step Performance

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